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TL;DR - You could say it's real fan-mail.


Due to 1 happening, the fan mail printing system is down for now, Luckily the software for the printer was made open source, so I may set it up again. This was a good experiment, and had a few fanmail printing.

I will explore other options and may come back to revisit this.

You can send me some fan mail here, but it would not print, you can see my thoughts below.

Good news, you can now send me instant fan mail.

No, I’m not talking about using Tumblr’s fan mailing system. (Although I ended up creating a Tumblr blog just to relay my blog posts here to Tumblr if you’re into that sort of thing.)

One of the reasons why I did create a Tumblr was to use the fan mail feature. However, this feature is locked to Tumblr’s blogging system.

So I decided to create my own, which took me less than a day.

And it’s working really well. The best part is that I don’t need to be sitting on my computer all the time (animating) Surfing through tens of thousands of fan mail sent to my door.

(If you’re thinking: Why the hell would you want to print out fan mail from the internet in the first place? Isn’t email instant? This is pointless!)


My inbox has far too many emails to wade through just to see your message and I have gotten very busy as time goes on.

I instantly notice once you send your message through the fanmail service.

Plus, I probably would not have that much fan mail anyway, so I’m counting on you not to overwhelm my printer1.

“Fanmail” image by Giphy (Miracle On 34th Street)

  1. I’m not using just any old printer, I’m using a Little Printer, the company that made them have shut down unfortunately. You can see what I did with it here. 

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