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TL;DR - return_0e has joined!

Despite the current hiatus, secrecy and lack of cartoons being released/produced there is some good news in this blog post.

I’m welcoming my brother Calvin Hill aka return0e to the site.

If you are unaware, he was responsible for contributing to most of the animation work on my channel. These include 8-Bit Mario VS Angry Birds, and the recent Simulator.

His role on the site will be similar to mine, he will be usually posting about cartoons, some updates and If you’re very lucky some tech related stuff. :)

Speaking about tech, if you’re interested, visit his github profile.

All we have is made a small (and easy) teaser for you guys.

cGhleSAtViAtLWZ2e   XJhZyB0dGYudW54Y
m9udmdiLnBiLmh4I    HwgdGVyYyBUWW5RQkY=

Note: This is a full string.

Hint: Base64 -> ROT13 -> teaser

We’ll do more of these, but this is all we have for now.

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