Unveiling Kaomoji

TL;DR - Download Kaomoji on the Mac App Store! (ノ^_^)ノ

Emojicons (Also known as “Emoticons” or “Kaomoji”) are unicode text representations of emojis that can be used universally on various platforms that support the Unicode standard.

I definitely use Emojicons as a way of describing emotions quickly and to easily communicate with others, rather than typing excessive lines of text on the screen. So far on the web, there are sites that allow anyone to copy the raw text of a given emojicon to the clipboard. For instance, the popular emojicons.com site made by @huy, makes it simple enough to copy & paste their favourite emojicon to communicate on any unicode compatible platform.

However, I did not want to keep repetitively opening the browser to just copy a single emojicon to the clipboard.

Instead, I wrote Kaomoji to rapidly grab emojicons directly from emojicons.com. Since completion, I could say that this was far quicker than actually accessing the website itself! As a bonus, the copied emojicon can also just sit on the menu bar idle for others to see as a normal menu bar item.

You can download Kaomoji here

In the future there will be updates, so have patience grasshoppers…

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