Introducing projects•hakobyte

projects•hakobyte is a small site to show what projects are in the pipeline.

Hopefully this should stop fans asking, begging and tweeting when your cartoon, animation, comic, book, game, video, music, collab, program, or whatever is finished or not and save me a lot of time answering the same questions.

Not everything on the site will be just animations, there will be apps, games, (or maybe tutorials?) on there too. Optionally, I keep the project name a secret just so that I don’t spoil the project.

Since P•H is a personal thing I wrote, I don’t plan on releasing the source any time soon, but i’ll be including more things on the site in the coming months.

To list a few features, P•H has a project activity calendar and realtime project updates.

If you’re a developer, P•H has a REST API and an RSS feed.

Drop by projects•hakobyte to see what’s in the pipeline!

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